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Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Nebulizing diffusers work using a constant air supply source. A jet of air is blown over a small tube containing the essential oils.

This airstream creates a vacuum effect that pulls the oils up out of the tube and sprays them into the air in a fine mist. This type of diffusion disperses the oil as a whole into the air in the form of tiny droplets without diluting or otherwise altering the oil.

For this reason nebulizing is often considered the best type of oil diffusion. Because nebulizing diffusers are so effective at spreading essential oils throughout the room, most are equipped with controls to adjust the air flow, as well as timers allowing the distribution to be moderated throughout the day.

If you don't actually own a diffuser already, don't forget to check out our shop. They make such a great addition to any home or workplace and as you're about to learn, a ton of benefits. Once you've grabbed your diffuser, it's time to soak up all the great benefits!

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