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A cutting-edge solution for fast purification and providing you with clean aromatic air.

This smart fragrance machine offers unparalleled convenience and performance.

Experience the luxury of multiple gear adjustment, allowing you to customize the intensity of the fragrance to suit your preferences. Simply plug and play, and enjoy the seamless operation of this device in any space.


The colorful light strip effect adds a touch of ambiance to your surroundings, creating a soothing atmosphere.

Despite its powerful performance, this smart fragrance machine operates with minimal noise, ensuring a peaceful environment wherever it's placed. Covering an impressive area of up to 150 square feet, it efficiently purifies the air in larger rooms or spaces.

The rotating plug feature provides added flexibility during installation, allowing for easy positioning in any outlet. Be captivated by the dazzling light effect that accompanies each fragrance spray, enhancing the sensory experience.

With seven colors of light to choose from, you can create the perfect mood for any occasion. Additionally, the magnetic design enables effortless removal and installation, making maintenance a breeze.

Product Parameter:

Material: PPColor: White

Power: 1.5Watts / Voltage: 5VoltsOil

Capacity: 120mlSize: 106*157*88mm

Cover Area: 150m3

Installation:Desktop/ Wall MountedWarranty: 4 Months

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