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This machine is suitable for home or medium commercial areas. With advanced atomization technology.

The setting of concentration and timer can be adjusted with different requests. PCB program can be locked after operation to make it safer.


"Includes the first month of essential oil of your choice."


Product Parameter:

Material: Metal +Acrylic

Color: White & Black

Power: 14Watts / Voltage: DC12Volts

Oil Capacity: 800ml

Net Weigth: 3.9kg

Size: 284*125*246mm

Cover Area: Up to 1500 Sq Ft.


Desktop/ HVAC/ Wall Mounted

Warranty: 12 Months


Need help with the installation? Hire a professional HERE



SKU: GR3000
PriceFrom $580.00
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  • No LCD Indication: Power is not getting to the unit or the unit is turned off.

    SOLUTION: Plug in the unit and press the button that is on the lower side part.

    No Mist/Scent: Make sure the unit is plugged in. Check the LCD display. If it says “OFF”, the unit is not set to be working at that time. If the unit says “PAUSE” it’s on the pause portion of the interval. Oil could be out.

    SOLUTION: Ensure the power is connected and adjust the event times and days so that the unit is set to “ON”. Also check the oil canister to make sure there is oil in the bottle.

    Low Mist/Scent: The nozzle may be clogged.

    SOLUTION: Run with rubbing alcohol for 3 minutes or change the nozzle.

    Oil Leakage: Ensure the diffuser is a full upright position.

    SOLUTION: Remove the fragrance bottle and reattach making sure it is screwed in straightly and is very tight.

    Buttons are not working: The unit’s settings may be locked.

    SOLUTION: Hold down the “SET” button for 10 seconds until you hear a beep. The sound will indicate “lock mode” has been disabled.