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BOX5000 is designed for those small spaces where a standard diffuser does not fit. With the ease of being able to separate it into two parts, it is already possible to have fragrances throughout your home

This excellent machine has been specially designed for large surface areas. Its elegant design and the quality of its anti-corrosive metal places it among the most preferred of our commercial clients. It uses advanced atomization technology to convert essential oil into cold mist. 


"Includes the first month of essential oil of your choice."


-Cold-air diffusion technology/dry gas technology

-Being silent when it works

-With fan system to improve diffusing scent smell

-Stand-alone diffuser & HVAC system or hang on wall

-With timer program, persistence, concentration setting.


Voltage: DC110Volts / Power: 26Watts

Oil Capacity: 1000ml

Coverage: Up to 3000 Sq Ft

Color: Black

Warranty: 12 Months

Need help with the installation? Hire a professional HERE



SKU: BX5000
PriceFrom $710.00
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  • Be certain the diffuser is unplugged or powered off before proceeding.

    Unscrew the oil bottle from the atomizer. You will see an oil pipette affixed to a nozzle.

    Pour your essential oil into the provided bottle. Then, screw it until is tightly secured.

    Do not overfill the bottle.

    • Only essential oils should be used. Using any other oils may damage the unit and will void the warranty.

    Screw in the fragrance bottle to the atomizer. Ensure it is inserted tightly and straight otherwise, the oil will leak. Once the fragrance bottle is secured, you may turn on or plug in the diffuser when changing scenting oils, remove any oils in the bottle inside first. (You may dispose of it or pour it back into the original bottle). Pour some rubbing alcohol into the aluminum bottle, about ¼ full.

    Diffuse the rubbing alcohol for about 15-30 minutes.  Remove any additional rubbing alcohol, rinse and dry the bottle as best as possible before pouring in the new fragrance oil.