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This excellent eco-friendly machine is designed to be used through a mobile phone application (Wifi) anytime, anywhere to monitor the fragrance environment ...

It has an innovative remote oil level detection system that can Detect the amount of oil remaining so that you can add oil in time. The application can work with IOS and Android system and is easy to use. It also contains a new feature for sharing with multiple users. 


Material: Metal

Available Color: Black / Silver /Rose Gold

Power supply: AC Adapter 110-V

Power: 12Watts / Voltage: DC12Volts

Coverage Area: 500 Sq Ft.

Oil Capacity: 100ml

Size: W103 x H238mm

Warranty: 3 months

Need help with the installation? Hire a professional HERE


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  • Equipment maintenance:
    It is necessary to wash clean the spray nozzle or other parts by pouring 95% industrial alcohol into the inner bottle .
    Specific operation: Pouring 95% industrial alcohol into the empty bottle, open the equipment and leave it working for 10-15 minutes, then turn off the equipment, pour-out the alcohol and place the bottle back to the machine.

    Tip: Every 1-2 months to maintain the equipment with 95% industrial alcohol.

    Need a hand with the maintenance of your machine? Hire a professional HERE