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The discount for wholesale essential oil diffusers is 40%
The discount for our essential oils is limited to 25% due to a smaller profit margin.

Minimum purchase for wholesalers = $1000.00 ($2500.00 preferred).
You must place your order by email or by phone.
Additional discounts may be available for large bulk orders over $5,000 and up.
If you need to place a small order or samples without reaching the $1000 minimum, simply place a retail order without logging in to your account and checkout as a guest.

Fill in the following form to create your wholesale account and one of our agents will respond to your request. You can buy essential oils and aroma diffusers at wholesale prices – up to 40% off.

NOTE: If you would like to ask questions before signing up for a wholesale account, please use our Quick and Easy Contact Form and put "Wholesale Account Question" in the subject line.
Our wholesale essential oils are exclusively offered in 500ml sizes. And our diffuser machines in various sizes, colors and coverage area. Any of our representatives can guide you through the process of choosing the best products for your company.
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